Next Steps

Please Join Us At The Following Meetings

Men’s Fellowship

Fridays @ 6:00am

The men’s ministry seeks to serve the needs of Christ’s church and specifically the men within it. They do this by means of breakfasts and men’s camps and meet on a Friday morning for men’s fellowship 06:00 am. Our skilled and willing men are also involved in maintaining our facilities.

Women’s Fellowship

The women’s ministry seeks to glorify Jesus and to meet the needs of women in today’s society. They do so through an abundance of activities including prayer, craft, visitation, Saturday teas or luncheons, Christian book clubs, and scrap-booking groups.

Holy Harriers

Sundays @ 11:30am

This is a group of our church family over the age of 60 that get together 4 times a year for a time of fellowship.


Children’s Church

Sundays @ 9:00-10:15

This is for children of ages approximately 4 – 14 years. We meet at youth centre across from the church. We have strong, Bible-believing Teachers who are fully committed to our main task of bringing the Gospel and the Word of our Lord (the Bible) to yours/our children. Our focus is to help our children learn and understand God’s Word in an age-appropriate way, and how it teaches us to behave as born-again Children of God in today’s fallen and dying world.
We also do this through prayer and worship – our further aim being to prepare our children for adult service in adult church.

Junior Youth – Gr. 1-7

Fridays 17:30-19:00

Giants in Jesus (GIJ’s) is our junior youth assembly, launching our children into the weekend with a programme filled with fun games and activities, while also drawing them into a deeper relationship with God through worship and good teaching.


Senior Youth – Gr. 8-12

Fridays 19:30-21:30

Seekers is our senior youth programme where our teenagers come together as “seekers of truth”. Each evening centres around a message and worship that speaks to teens from all walks of life, whilst drawing them in with themed games, challenges and activities



Music is one of the foremost ways in which we worship. Our band is always on the look out for musical talent.


Prayer Ministry

Thursday @18:15 and Sunday @ 08:40

The prayer ministry is the backbone of all our church ministries. We believe that God acts when His people pray and therefore we are eager to seek His face in this way. Small groups and elders are available for addressing specific prayer needs. Additionally, everyone is welcome to join our prayer meetings. Prayer meetings are held in the prayer room.

Book club

Every 3rd tuesday @ 9:30am

The ladies meet at 9:30 am every 3rd Tuesday of the month at our Youth Centre. They enjoy a time of fellowship and exchange their books for different ones.


Care Ministry

This ministry seeks to care for the less fortunate in our congregation by managing donated goods.


Get involved

There Are Alot Of Ways To Get Involved

Car Guarding

Car guarding is a vital part of church operation. Although unfortunate in its necessity this is another opportunity in which God’s children may serve Him for His greater glory.


Door Steward

Door stewards enhance the service by providing friendly, cheerful greetings to all those who pass through our doors. Their greeting of friendship and spirit of helpfulness conveys that very important first impression.


Tea Serving

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Our church maintenance is overseen by our deacons. If you would like to serve in this ministry, please email the church office. We are always in need of volunteers for plumbing, painting, fixing jungle gyms, cutting back trees, taking away rubbish etc.